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Version 5.0x of WR9R's Field Day Logger....        (Y2K Rules)
  • Additional Multiplier selection for low power commercial
  • Y2K Bonuses
  • Added additional F8-"My Call" cw message item Ver 5.01
  • Added Auto-Backup to Floppy Feature
  • This feature backs the entire log to "A:\" every 5 QSOs, when enabled. Ver 5.01
  • Updated Help and Section Windows (tnx 2 W9YA!) Ver 5.01

Version 4.xx  of WR9R's Field Day Logger....
  • DIGITAL Mode was added, separate from CW  (1998 Rules!)
  • 12 and 17 Meter Bands are now excluded. (1998 Rules!)

Version 3.xx upgrades in general...
  • More accurate CW "Fist" in background transmit
  • Contains extended summary sheet generation to reduce the Field Day Site Coordinators work.
  • Class 'D' operators can now use the program effectively. Zero point scoring is now supported for the 'D' to 'D' QSOs.
  • The 'Extras' Menu has been reduced in size to reduce the confusion.
  • The entire log can now be accessed and edited while in the logging system reducing the need for external word processing  work. Previously only the last 10 were accessible.
  • On-line help.
  • ARRL Section abbreviation list window.
  • Dupe sheet generation is now included.
  • 2 and 6 Meter Bands are now included.
Version 2.xx upgrades in general...
  • Addition of background CW keying.
  • QSOs per hour statistics.
  • Fixed CW summary calculation bug...(oops!)
  • Allow for 3 character exchanges (i.e. 17A).
  • Color changes to improve visibility on some laptops.
  • Number of calls only limited by memory - Now a typical number of QSOs allowed is more than 9,000.
        back up..

Have FUN with Field Day because that's the important part!
de WR9R (Larry) .... 73! sk

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(WR9R V5.02 - 5/9/2000)

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