Field Day Logger
WR9R - Field Day Logger   (Last updated:   May 9, 2000)

Designed to work on IBM PC XT,AT,386,clones and compatibles with at least 384K of memory and a MONOCHROME,  CGA, EGA, or VGA adaptor.
  • Background CW keying using prestored messages as well as a "chat" mode. Keying preformed via selectable COMM ports.
  • Number of calls only limited by memory. A typical number of QSOs allowed is more than 9,000.
  • Class 'D' to Class 'D' contacts properly handled.
  • Online Help and ARRL section abbreviations list.
  • QSOs per hour statistics.
  • Entire log can be accessed and edited while in this real time system, reducing the need for external word processing support.
  • Generates sorted log listings, dupe listings and a summary sheet for the entire operation.
  • Single user and Multiop support.
  • All QSOs are logged into a common ASCII data base.
  • Semi/Fully Automatic partial and duplicate checking.

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Have FUN with Field Day because that's the important part!
de WR9R (Larry) .... 73! sk

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(WR9R V5.02 - 5/9/2000)

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For IBM-PC/AT Compatibles